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Default Re: Gears Of War: Judgment

The campaign was fun and definitely worth playing..but..for me not in the same league as the other Gears games. I guess that was expected to an extent. I know some prefer in game narrative to cutscenes but I think the lack of these compared to the main games took away some of the impact & weight of the storyline. Also felt a bit like an arcade game with a declassified mission (although I think these were a good addition) & stars for every section without too much variety. I prefer the distinction of a straight up cinematic campaign and a completely separate arcade mode campaign with scoring and everything else on.
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The final boss is just not in the game at all, even during the boss battle which is quite a big shame. I thought his steed was much better though than the one the Locust Queen used. They should have continued the scene to allow us to fight against him after his steed was defeated.

I'm still enjoying Overrun and will play that till I reach the last achievement related rank. Otherwise once I've finished the Insane/Insane Declassified/Insane All Stars playthrough I might be done with the game (aside from DLC achievements). Will have been by far the least amount of time I've spent on a Gears game.

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