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Default Indestructible Hulk Movie?

Hulk has been more popular lately because of the Avengers movie, but there has been
talk about not doing a Hulk solo and having it be difficult.
What if they made the Hulk movie like his current comic, Indestructible Hulk?
In the comic Banner, not wanting to be remembered for turning into the Hulk and
destroying things, makes a deal with SHIELD. He will create amazing inventions for
them, and have access to all their tech and funding, and they get the Hulk as a WMD
to point at their enemies.

Why not? Maria Hill and SHIELD have already been established in the Avengers, so
has Banner and the Hulk. Maybe the way to go with the solo Hulk films is the current
comic concept of Hulk working for SHIELD as a living weapon.

Hulk working with SHIELD agents:
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

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