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Default Re: X-Men First Class Official Manip Thread

Yeah, it's based on the comic at the time when DOFP came out, before it was established just how old Logan really is (so from the comics angle something else had to have happened after Kelly's assassination for to him to age him normally prior to DOFP taking place).

For the movies 'The Wolverine' are obviously having him powered down for a spell in it. Whether they have decided to make him effectively mortal or not permanently remains to be seen (doubt they will remove the healing factor for good though). They might be considering that if they want Jackman in the role for as long as possible, as he will visibly age himself over time, and they have said events in Wolverine tie into DOFP so maybe him being left able to age is that link?

But like I said, this is based on the comics look for future Logan, wrinkles, gray temples, fur lined bomber jacket and all. How they will do Future Logan in the movie I have no idea.

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