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Default Re: "Please Don't Turn Down my Music": The Iron Man 3 Composer Thread

Brian Tyler on his score:
Originally Posted by Brian Tyler
“When Marvel and Shane Black approached me about scoring ‘Iron Man 3,’ I was thrilled as a long-time fan of the series and super hero films in general. We all wanted this score to have a deeply thematic component with a strong melody. We felt that the story would lend itself best to go classic and use the orchestra as the main voice of the music, with horns and trumpets singing the new Iron Man theme in a strong way. I conducted the London Philharmonic at Abbey Road in order to give the score a sound that felt powerful enough to live up to its name. Shane Black was very supportive and collaborative in his vision for the film and the score, and Kevin Feige was also a kindred spirit in really reaching for something special. Both of them are incredible film score buffs, and we all spoke the same film music language, which made for an awesome experience. In the end we went for a score that echoed the classics of super hero film history with a few surprises like a wild 1960s style main title piece that was an absolute blast to record.”
Reactions to the score:
Originally Posted by @ScoreKeeperAICN
Spinning Brian Tyler's score for IRON MAN 3 for the first time. It's big. Very, very big.

Mandarin music esp. cool. More emotional than purely villainous. Huge percussive moments that are really quite cool.
Originally Posted by Tracksounds
Suffice it to say, those things you loved best from the scores of The Dark Knight, The Amazing Spider-Man, and even The Avengers all come together here with Brian Tyler tying it all together with his signature sound. You might say, "Wha?" "Huh?" But you can just stop that now and do some trusting. It's quite a ride...with a final track that you are NOT expecting...but will probably love.

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