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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

Originally Posted by Isearch4dope View Post
Yea with this being the finale the movie had no room or business with boring uninteresting characters like Blake and Talia (how they were handled). Blake's goody goody obey the law character wasn't interesting enough. We needed shades of a real (conflicted) bad ass unfolding on screen that we could believe would be considered to take up the mantle. Sure his arc was there but it could have been executed in far better ways. I mean this is the finale...come with the thunder.

As I said in a post recently I would have Blake figure out Bruce's secret during the 8 year gap and use it as leverage to convince Bruce to train him and in return he becomes his new inside man at GCPD. I wouldn't let the audience know they even knew each other but reveal Blake through his actions (hints of a bad ass) and sealing the deal with flashbacks right before Blake enters the Bat cave to rise on the platform (he knows where the cave is and doesn't need GPS crap)
You mean you'd have that as the 'twist' of the movie instead of the Talia reveal?

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
I'm sure you'd take these two out because you wouldn't want the LoS to be involved and Bane not working with the LoS as well as Bruce not passing the mantle down to someone else?
I've no problem with the mantle being passed on or Bruce retiring. This is the movies not the comics. It's a finite universe. It's why I don't understand why nobody complains when a villain is killed off. These villains have criminal careers that span years in the comics, but in the movies they're cut short to days/weeks/months all the time.

You're right about the LOS. I'd rather have had Bane be his own self made man like in the comics. Bane is the one who over came adversity and performed extraordinary feats as a person. Surviving Pena Duro since he was a child, educating and training himself and finally escaping Pena Duro. Studying Batman and figuring out his secret identity himself.

In TDKR Bane never escapes the pit. He was handed the LOS and all it's knowledge like Batman's identity. He's not as impressive as comic book Bane in that regard. Also bringing back the LOS just brought back another destroy the city with a doomsday device plot. Big yawn.

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