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Default Re: Robert Redford offically joins Cap:TWS

Originally Posted by spideymouse View Post

That's a cool idea, though I don't know how I feel about Fury being emotionally detached. A good guess is that there will be tension between Fury and Redford's character, so if Fury doesn't even care, I don't think you get that same conflict.
Well, when I say emotionally detached, I don't mean he's completely devoid of emotion. It's just that he's not as personally involved as Redford could be. It would be like the argument between Captain Picard and Worf in Star Trek: First Contact which ends in "the line must be drawn here - this far and no further" where Picard also had a Moby Dick like obsession.

There, it wasn't that Worf was completely detached. Of course he was involved, but he didn't have as personal a stake in it as Picard did, because Picard had been turned into Locutus by the Borg. So Worf was able to see things more objectively. That's how I could see the difference between Fury and Redford.

Perhaps Redford became head of SHIELD because of lifelong obsession to hunt down the Winter Soldier - maybe he killed someone dear to Redford. Because Fury may not have that same personal involvement, he would know better when to wait and when to attack.

Of course, Cap would have a personal stake too - but different from Redford, because he would want to save Bucky, rather than kill him. So that's where the conflict between the three of them could arise.

But it's all speculation here anyway.

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