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Default Re: Robert Redford offically joins Cap:TWS

Why do you guys care so much what all these millionaires get paid?

Listen, I respect all these performers a lot, but you know what, tough **** if someone other than Robert Downey Jr. isn't getting 8 figures.

Did anyone know who Chris Hemsworth was before Thor? Nope. Downey probably got paid $250,000 for Iron Man and now he's an A-lister and a freaking rock star and everyone is in love with him.

The point is, these movies give you a little long-term job security. Maybe you don't get paid a lot early on, but later down the line they can probably get like a percentage or a back-end deal.

Unless these guys are wasting their money they should be pretty well off financially. If Marvel "low-balled" Robert Redford and Redford accepted anyway, I say good on them.

Redford's not like Mr. Box Office draw. I think its really cool he's doing the movie, but I'm not seeing Captain America 2 just because he's in it.

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