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Default Re: 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
at the end of the day, its not all about the cast, but more about how epic the movie will look on trailers and tv spots, and the word of mouth. And of course, the marketing.
I disagree. I think the cast's star-power carries a hefty 50% of the responsibility for drawing audiences. The look of the film and it's storyline account for 25% each. People will go and see a s*** movie just to watch their favorite actor or actress. But there have been plenty of films that had stunning SFX in the trailers but failed to become blockbusters because audiences weren't attached to anyone in the cast. First Class is a good example of that: beautifully directed, strong storyline, but fairly unknown cast (save Kevin Bacon) and less-than-memorable characters. The trailers were nice, but not enough to make it a blockbuster.

When an actor/actress has a strong body of work to reference audiences view a film featuring them as an endorsement of potentially quality viewing. So the more Oscar, Tony, Emmy, etc.,-winning stars you pack in a film, the more confident audiences are that they will see some strong performances. Lesser known actors can be amazing performers too (everyone has to start somewhere) but many might not risk spending $$$ to see them if they don't know them. Only strong word of mouth can bring in repeat business for a film after its opening week, but by then other competitors may be charging up the box office charts and drawing audiences away.

A strong cast is what makes the difference for many people in deciding if they're going to actually see the movie in theatres or skip it and rent it later when it comes out on DVD.

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