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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 2

Originally Posted by DigificWriter View Post
I'm getting really excited for this second wave of 'homegrown' Marvel films, especially after seeing the behind-the-scenes preview that comes as part of the MCU Phase 1 Blu-Ray set as an Extra.

Regarding 'Phase 3', here's the properties I'd like to see focused on either in addition to or in lieu of continuations of their Phase 1/Phase 2 films:
Doctor Strange (confirmed)
The Punisher
S.H.I.E.L.D. (piggybacking off of the TV series and using the same characters as well as Nick Fury and Marie Hill)
Not knocking what you wanna see but I'd have to respectfully disagree. I don't wanna see properties already done before. Daredevil, Blade and Punisher and by association Elektra have all been done before. I'd rather Marvel focus on bringing all new characters to the light.

1) Man of Steel 2) Thor 2 3) The Wolverine 4) Pacific Rim 5) Iron Man 3 6) Oblivion 7) Mortal Instruments: City of Bones 8) Ender's Game 9) Beautiful Creatures 10) After Earth
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