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Default Snipes is out of prison- Time to bring back Blade?

It's the perfect storm. Snipes has been released. Marvel have the rights to Blade back. Snipes probably has maybe a 5-10 year window left before he's physically too old to play Blade, which is good for another two solo movies at least (and maybe appearences in stuff like Avengers or Dr Strange).

Snipes as Blade is a proven commodity. He was supposed to have been difficult on Blade Trinity (maybe because Goyer tried to replace him with useless sidekicks in the form of Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel), and deliberately gave a listless performance to spite the production, but I reckon now that he' out, he'll want to have a good comeback and he'll play nice and give the best performance he possibly can. He could really enhance the Marvel movie universe, so I hope Fiege and his guys tap him up to do more Blade before it's too late.

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