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Default Re: The Stealth Express of Doom News & Discussion Thread:

Originally Posted by The Infernal View Post
You seem to think that if Rothman did any meddling on Origins then it can just easily be made into something great. I disagree. But that doesn't mean I'm absolving Hood of any blame. I'm just saying that we should recognise that executive meddling can have an adverse effect on a movie (and yes, even those aspects you mention can potentially suffer in turn).

That doesn't mean I think Origins would automatically be amazing if Rothman stepped back and just let Hood do his thing (if indeed Rothman actually meddled).
If there is someone to blame, it should be the entire crew and the people who had a say in making the film. I just think Rothman gets too much blame, he was also around when X1, X2 and FC came out. But no one is acknowledging his input (if he had any) in those films.

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