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Default Re: Snipes is out of prison- Time to bring back Blade?

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
How would he enhance the MCU? Plus I doubt Marvel is going to bring him into their carefully crafted universe right after he gets out of jail. That just doesn't look good to the family target audience.
Because he's a good actor, and the character is iconic and popular? It will enhance things, because they already know Blade works onscreen, as played by Snipes. Also, there has been a lack of minority/African-American heroes in the marvel film universe that can carry their own movie, and since Black Panther doesn't look like he'll be arriving anytime soon, Blade is probably the only other proven option (who knows if Luke Cage will work or not).

And give me a break. Robert Downey jr is a convicted felon, serial offender and long term drug addict whose crimes and transgressions are about a thousand times worse than Snipes not paying some of his taxes. Yet Downey jr is the flagship leader of Marvel's "family target audience" as Iron Man. Downey jr got given a chance by Marvel, after decades of criminal behavior. Snipes is an Angel by comparison.

Snipes has done his time and paid for his (minor) crime. As long as he delivers the goods onscreen, I doubt anyone will care.

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