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Default Re: Snipes is out of prison- Time to bring back Blade?

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
Okay I give you the bit about RDJ but, Blade still wouldn't enhance the MCU especially not with Snipes playing the character. First and foremost Blade and especially not Snipes' Blade is not a family oriented character. And Feige has said it many times the movies he's making right now are films he can go see with his kids. That's why he and Whedon didn't up the violence in Avengers like Nolan's Dark Knight series (he even made that reference). Blade wouldn't fit in the MCU as it is now. Now if they expand that into a MCU Knights type of thing than yes by all means bring him on but as of the MCU now no.
Blade is a vampire hunter. While his films have tended towards being more "adult" in style and content, there's really little reason why he couldn't be toned down a bit to fit the current style of the Marvel universe.

Blade working for SHIELD, and teaming up with other heroes could create a scenrio that still is exciting and has lots of action/adventure, but fits with the current Marvel-verse. Less graphic violence and swearing, and Blade is just another cool action hero to play with.

Wolverine isn't a "family-oriented character" either, but if Marvel had the rights to him, you damn well know they'd find a way to make him work in their universe.

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