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Default Re: Snipes is out of prison- Time to bring back Blade?

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
But you wanting Snipes to play Blade wouldn't work that way. People are accustomed to Snipes playing a bad-ass gritty Blade. If they were to cast him in the role and then tone him down completely, there goes the fanbase that was built before. No one likes to see a tried and true character tampered with. This has been proven many many times in other franchises.

People went with a toned down Wolverine (even though a lot of fans don't like this toned down version of him) because that's the first thing they were given. They weren't exposed to a hardcore no holds bar Wolverine in films so they took what was originally given to them.
Snipes can still be bad-ass and gritty. In fact, he can play the character the exact same way in the Marvel universe as he did in the New Line films, and not miss a beat. The character of Blade himself is not that extreme. He's basically just a lone samurai type character, that doesn't talk much and is a great fighter. The Blade universe of the New Line films is just more hednoistic, adult and bloody....but the character himself could fit into the Marvel-verse.

I remember how popular Blade was when he appeared in the 90's Spider-Man cartoon. He was essentially the same badass character, but he fitted right into a saturday morning cartoon. It's not as hard to make Blade still gritty and bada$$, but PG, as you think.

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