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Default Re: 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
Yes, but we're talking about The X-Men--and an audience built on his shoulders. Besides, Ian McKellan is not only known for The Hobbit. His career is expansive and The Hobbit is but one of his recent successes; he's had a nice streak of hits including the X-Men series (a trilogy he also received top billing for).
I can't really think of any other recent successes apart from The Hobbit. Other than Gandalf and Magneto, what other roles is McKellen is known for really, as far as the general movie-going public is concerned?

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
I disagree. I think the cast's star-power carries a hefty 50% of the responsibility for drawing audiences. The look of the film and it's storyline account for 25% each. People will go and see a s*** movie just to watch their favorite actor or actress. But there have been plenty of films that had stunning SFX in the trailers but failed to become blockbusters because audiences weren't attached to anyone in the cast.
Yes, but there are just as many examples of films that had stellar casts and yet failed to become blockbusters, and stars whose films underperformed.

Oscar-winners (or nominees) matter when you're selling a smaller character-based film, but I dare say that matters much less when it comes to blockbusters. The trailers for blockbusters never really come with "Academy Award winner/nominee" tags - because everyone is well aware that acting is rarely the main selling point for those movies (though it of course matters for the good word of mouth).

Plus, Oscars don't necessarily mean much if the actor's subsequent career, for whatever reason, didn't match that one great performance, especially if they won it a long time ago. That statue alone does not earn you respect. Is Halle Berry widely considered to be a great actress and someone whose presence people will see as a sign of potentially quality viewing? I doubt it. Jennifer Lawrence is basking in the Oscar glow right now, but if she doesn't back this up in the next few years no one will care much about her Oscar win either.

And I really think that if they want this movie to exceed the previous X-Men films, they'll need to market something other than the cast. The original trilogy's cast was not to too shabby, with recognisable stars and respectable actors. But the franchise, while successful, never really made it into the upper echelon of blockbusters.

Originally Posted by NanaT View Post
Why do you think Guardians of the Galaxy have cast Chris Pratt
Um... who is Chris Pratt?

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