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Default Re: 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction

Originally Posted by Mrs Vimes View Post
Oscar-winners (or nominees) matter when you're selling a smaller character-based film, but I dare say that matters much less when it comes to blockbusters. The trailers for blockbusters never really come with "Academy Award winner/nominee" tags - because everyone is well aware that acting is rarely the main selling point for those movies (though it of course matters for the good word of mouth).

Plus, Oscars don't necessarily mean much if the actor's subsequent career, for whatever reason, didn't match that one great performance, especially if they won it a long time ago. That statue alone does not earn you respect. Is Halle Berry widely considered to be a great actress and someone whose presence people will see as a sign of potentially quality viewing? I doubt it. Jennifer Lawrence is basking in the Oscar glow right now, but if she doesn't back this up in the next few years no one will care much about her Oscar win either.
I disagree. I believe that winning those distinctions can be a powerful marketing tool for studios without flashing the "Academy Award Winner" moniker on screens for sci-fi/ action films. Depending on the actor, adding their name or face to a trailer can add serious gravity to a film in audience's eyes. People are not that dumb--they remember the accomplishments of actors without being told.

For example, Halle Berry is still a popular actress and bankable as her recent films have shown. Controversial? Yes. But she is unlike any other Oscar-winning actress in history for very specific reasons. As a result, she will always be "respected" as you put it, for breaking down certain barriers. Minority audiences are still an important demographic to reach, and while it's not a necessity to have a black actor in every cast to get them in theatres, certainly having the most trendsetting actress of color on the credits doesn't hurt FOX and Bryan Singer.

Originally Posted by Mrs Vimes
And I really think that if they want this movie to exceed the previous X-Men films, they'll need to market something other than the cast. The original trilogy's cast was not to too shabby, with recognisable stars and respectable actors. But the franchise, while successful, never really made it into the upper echelon of blockbusters.
Agreed. And to Angamb's point, there is a strong need to make the films look amazing too--not discounting that at all. I just don't think a flashy film in itself is a guarantee to box office success either. It's really a combination of all of those elements.

Remember Battleship?

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