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Default Re: Official Superman Returns Discussion

Originally Posted by Nemeres View Post
One of the (millions of) things that always bugged me about it was the bit when Superman takes Lois flying and he tells her that he hears everything. She was pretty pissed with him at this point for leaving, and after he says his "the world needs a savior" line, she just looks down and doesn't say anything, as if she's realized that it was wrong of her to write her article... when it was the PERFECT excuse to say "Oh great, Superman, then WHY THE HELL did you leave? My article was about how mankind should be able to move on and not be overly reliant on a guy who will leave whenever he wants, and without any warning, mind you. It was a perfectly valid point that I was making. How dare you try to make me feel bad about doing my job?"
There’s actually a fair bit going on in that scene. Granted, much of it is unspoken or couched in dual meaning (though interpretation is fairly easy to manage).

In the specific exchange you refer to, Superman is essentially explaining that being a “savior” is a fulltime job. So quite apart from his five-year absence, he could never provide the type of relationship that Lois (or he) might have hoped for. The scene doesn’t depict an attempted reconciliation; it confirms their break-up.

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