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Default Re: 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
I'll say it'll do about a flat $500M WW if it's well recieved. Which would make it the highest unadjusted X-film to date. But this franchise has had notoriously bad legs even for the best of it's films. X-Men in film has a decently large following but at the same time it's never been a frachise to break out and garner multitudes of new fans. Hence why even it's highest grossing film is still down in the mid- $400M's. Unless they have some game changer up their sleeve I don't see this one expanding much beyond X3's total gross. 3-D and inflation will help it but I think some of the massive continuity errors within this movie franchise itself really send the message that they haven't taken this property all that seriously and that can hurt it's reception and over-all box office.
That's an excellent point. And I think Bryan & Co. are aware of this. This is where I think The Avengers has once again provided a great model. There was equal doses of strong action and effects, but balanced with humor. Humor is so important in these dark sagas sometimes. It keeps audiences coming back over and over again, which was a big reason why Avengers fared so well.

Perhaps that's why Bryan said he wanted to have more humor in DoFP?

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