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Default Re: Snipes is out of prison- Time to bring back Blade?

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
Well I highly doubt Snipes had much to do in changing the defining features of the character I.e. origins, personality, powers, and weaknesses. That was all writing. I'm not denying Snipes brought the flare to the character like how RDJ does with Tony Stark. But what I'm saying is the New Line Cinema version of the character is vastly different than the Marvel comic book version and if Marvel is going to bring him into.their MCU they're more than likely going to go with their original version and not someone else's

If you watch Blade II the scene where Whistler killed all them baby Reapers in those test tubes. On the script Blade was supposed to do that, but Wesley felt that something Blade wouldn't do. Throughout the film series there were plenty of instances that Snipes made changes to the character. Since he felt what was written on script was something the Blade character wouldn't do.

If you watch the original first two films with the commentary with Goyer/Snipes/Frankfurt/Del Toro they are very informative. They even mentioned that Snipes said there wasn't enough action in the beginning of Blade II so Snipes wanted to add more action that wasn't even the script.

I also noticed on the new Blu-ray version of Blade II is that they didn't really mention Snipes at all or edit parts that were in the original DVD version. I guess Goyer/ New Line/Warner's still mad at him for trying to sue over Blade Trinity.

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