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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

Have it your way, "Elaboration Edition"
Blue: Phase One
Red: Phase Two
Green: Phase Three
Purple: Phase Four

Iron Man
Incredible Hulk
Iron Man 2
Captain America
The Avengers
- Loki's scepter contains Mind Gem

Iron Man 3 - Killian creates The Mandarin as an archetype of terror and who is referred to several times as "Master." Extremis, a virus that takes control of the human mind allows The Mandarin to survive.

SHIELD season 1 - SHIELD continues strategic homeland intervention enforcement and logistics. Seeking out remarkable people and artifacts. Fighting them off when they are evil, inviting them to their cause if they are good. Setting up CA:TWS (referred to as Avengers 1.5) by connecting the Masters from IM3, T:TDW and CA:TWS as well as Ultron?

Thor 2: The Dark World - Odin is well again, Loki's trial and imprisonment. Asgard rebuilds the Bifrost. Malekith threatens the nine-realms, Thor must travel to Midgard to protect it from the dark elves. Due to Malekith's treachery his soldier Algrim is turned into Kurse and Thor must defeat his most powerful opponent yet. Another "Master" is introduced. Does Natalie Portman become Enchantress? The Space Gem is introduced.

Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier - Rogers struggles to become a part of the modern world, politically and socially. He has to choose sides (Avengers, SHIELD, US Government). Redford takes over SHIELD and conflict arises. Fury has to convince Cap to trust him and help him to redeem himself. Winter Soldier attacks Cap. Zola threatens peace. Falcon steps in to help. Yet another "Master" is introduced. Hank Pym is introduced, forced to assist Zola in his creations.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Star-Lord recruits Drax, Gamora, Rocket and Groot to take down several galactic threats including Ronan and the Kree. Cosmo and Mantis are supporting characters. Upon success of their mission, Star-Lord travels to Earth seeking assistance to fight a great new threat: Thanos and his obsession with death. Nova is introduced.

SHIELD season 2 - SHIELD continues their plight to bridge the gap between regular humans and those who cannot be matched.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron (May 2015) - The Masters band together to fight the Avengers. In an attempt to boost the power of his AI creation Ultron (made from the brain waves of Hank Pym) SHIELD/Stark use a red source of power of unknown origin. Ultron becomes self-aware and takes over the Masters [of Evil] who, together, threaten mankind. The Avengers must unite with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to stop Ultron and the Masters.

Ant-Man (November 2015) - Hank, who now struggles with his dichotomy of being a hero and almost destroying the world, decides to fight crime as Ant-Man. Starting with Elihas Starr who has taken over AIM. Also, ties to the "to steal an Ant-Man" story line starring Scott Lang and his daughter.

Thor 3: Flames of Surtur (April/May 2016) - Amora and Skurge are introduced as a threat to Asgard, they unite with Loki to summon Surtur who kills Odin. Loki, appalled at what he has done, unites with Thor to defeat the fire demon. Amidst the destruction the Infinity Gauntlet is stolen from Odin's treasure vault.

Heroes for Hire season 1 (Fall 2016) - Set in the 70s, starring Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Punisher, Young Nick Fury, Old Howard Stark and more.

Doctor Strange (November 2016) - World-renowned surgeon Dr. Stephen Strange damages his hands in an accident and seeks a cure halfway around the world from the mystical Ancient One. He is trained in the art of magic and must defeat his fellow student Baron Mordo who is jealous of his power. Dormammu is teased. Reality Gem is hinted at as the source of their mystical powers.

Captain America 3: Man Out of Time (May 2017) - Red Skull comes back for revenge with the assistance of the Orange Time Gem.

Black Panther (August 2017) - Wakanda is threatened by an evil tyrant known as Killmonger and his assassins (Venomm, Baron Macabre). The new Black Panther T'Challa must step up to lead them to victory.

Heroes for Hire season 2 (Fall 2017) - Further adventures from the 1970s bridging the gap between CA:TFA and the rest of the MCU.

Avengers 3 part 1: Thanos Imperative (May 2018) - Thanos finishes collecting the rest of the Gems (Blue:Mind from Loki's scepter, Red:Power from Ultron, Orange:Time from Red Skull, Green:Soul from Magus/Adam Warlock, Yellow:Reality, Purple:Space) The Avengers unite to defeat him and are roundly defeated. Captain America stands up to Thanos and is killed.

Inhumans season 1 (Fall 2018) Origin Royal Family. Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon, Triton.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2: War of Kings (November 2018) - GotG return to bring down the Universal Church of Truth Thanos is involved with a sinister ulterior agenda, including stealing the Soul Gem from Magus's forehead Adam Warlock is now a member of the team. Black Bolt is involved. Ms. Marvel film is teased.

Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel (May 2019) Carol Danvers origin. Battles Cru and The Brood.

Inhumans season 2 (Fall 2019) More Inhuman fun.

Avengers 3 part 2: Infinity War (November 2019) Finale of Avengers vs. Thanos. Bucky takes up Captain America mantle. With the help of Ms. Marvel, Blackbolt and the GotG, Avengers barely defeat Thanos.

Most of the MCU recast after Avengers 3. (Stark, Rogers and Thor specifically)
Iron Man 4 - Tony takes on Zeke Stane and/or Madame Masque
Namor the Submariner - Origin
Doctor Strange 2 - Doc takes on Dormammu
Planet Hulk (basically acts as TIH2) - Ruffalo? Sent off-planet by Leader (who convinces him it was his friends)

Black Panther 8.5 | Avengers: Infinity War 10.0 | Deadpool 2 8.0 | Ant-Man and the Wasp X.X | Venom X.X | Aquaman X.X

Tradition is just dead people's baggage.

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