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Default Re: Robert Redford offically joins Cap:TWS

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
When you consider that out-of-control star salaries are a major contributor to Hollywood's chronic budget problems, Marvel Studios' strategy seems most sensible. Feige & Co. are not going to blow $20 million on Johnny Depp or Will Smith when they can hire talented actors for a fraction of that. Frankly, no studio should shell out that much money to anyone because it's wasteful and rarely pays off. (Ask the folks who paid Vin Diesel $20 million for The Chronicles of Riddick how that worked out for them.)
Thank you, I feel the exact same way. Look how Vin Diesel's career suffered until he came back with F&F 4.

I mean, seriously, they spent over $250 million on Lone Ranger!

I mean is it any wonder why Hollywood is churning out these micro-budget found footage thingies like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY when they deliver tons of profit at virtually a fraction of the cost?

I think salaries and asking prices needed to be brought back to earth. I mean look at Tom Cruise, even he is hit and miss as of late.

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