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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

It's not just that he wanted to quit in TDK. It's that he originally set out for his mission to be a finite endeavor, going back to BB. It was a fundamental staple of the characterization from the very beginning.

It comes down to this. The movies set it up as such that, if he ended up as Batman for a long period of time with no end in sight, the story would have become a tragedy. Instead we got a story of a man who lives through some very tragic setbacks in life but is ultimately able to rise above them and move beyond the compulsion to deal with his problems in a highly self-destructive and illegal way. I think it's a lacking interpretation of TDK to take the point of the movie as, "Yeah he's gotta be Batman forever because he's the goddamn Batman YEAH!" Sorry, no. The movie has a lot more subtlety to its message than that. It's about how the symbol of Batman is malleable and can be adjusted to serve the needs of Gotham even if that means becoming the villain/outcast. Batman can become the villain without destroying the city's spirit like the truth about Dent would, because Batman was always on that edge to begin with. Again, it's about the SYMBOL. We see the bat-signal destroyed. It's about how the city's relationship with Batman has to inevitably change after the events of TDK. It really has nothing to do with how long he's going to be Batman for. I understand why some people read it that way, but I truly believe that is just a result of projecting one's own ideals about the character onto the movie. The TDK ending is nice because it's very poetic and allows us all to do that, but ultimately there was still a very specific story being told.

The story of Bruce Wayne always teeters on being a tragedy, and I suppose he is such a tragic figure partly because his crusade never ends in the comics. I like to think of the Nolan movies as a complete story that offers snapshots into the eternal nature of some things in the comics. The TDK ending especially, as it even has a nod to Batman/Joker's battle lasting forever. It was paying homage to the timeless nature of the Batman story, while being a story in which time passes and things change.

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