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Default Re: The Official James McAvoy/Professor Xavier Thread

many things will be different, without doubt.

Not only because Bryan is directing, thats maybe the least reason, but because the 11 years jump, since that would lead to:

- James and co. playing older versions of the FC characters, so they should look older, and they should be a bit different that on the previous movie.
- The 70's set would make the human like characters to look different too, along with the outside scenes.
- The school would be a bit different too. Its highly likely the manssion will look different than previous movies too, at least inside.
- The events and scenes of the movie will be totally different and new compared to FC, so the characters will be on a different place, emotionally and will be more mature too, along with possible new conflicts and dramatic stuff.

So all of this more a few new things, will create a new take on the FC universe. 11 years difference, 11 years older characters, and new events and type of scenes and situations for the characters. And Bryan's personal filmaking style.

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