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Default Re: Most underrated X-Men characters?

All this "Cyclops = Underrated" talk is silly. And that's just my opinion. Y'all have yours.

Underrated in my book?

Marrow, Cecilia Reyes - these two characters are so deep, and held their own in a major X-Men book with not a single other X-Man around other than Iceman (also underrated) during a major crossover. Then they pretty much disappeared into obscurity.

Anole, Pixie, Elixir, Surge, Dust, Rockslide - during an age where there were "no more mutants", these kids kicked ass, and were put through the freaking ringer a million times more with larger repercussions than the actual X-Men had. But now that mutants are popping up again, we get **** like Shark Girl and Eye Boy to be major characters, where we're lucky to see Anole or Rockslide in a single panel in an issue of WatXM.

Psylocke - talk about a sad story. Introduced. Body-swiped. Ninja abilities. Kick ass for a couple years only to be wounded and off the grid for most of the 90's (hell, wasn't even in Age of Apocalypse) then killed in the 2nd issue of X-Treme. She missed out on Grant Morrisons fantastic run, was still dead for Joss Whedon's, and was not a major player in Messiah Complex, Second Coming, or Schism. Plus she was literally exiled to Exiles for awhile. Thank god for Remenders Uncanny X-Force. But now that that's over...

Havok and Polaris - lost in space for almost a decade. Thank god they're back, and X-Factor is a fantastic title, but it's hardly a major book or continuity. They weren't a part of Avengers vs X-Men at all, and have not been a part of this major Cyclops vs Wolverine "good" X-Men vs "bad" X-Men thing thats going on.

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