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Default Re: Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy vs Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy

Originally Posted by Soapy View Post
The Dark Knight Rises is a good movie, but it sadly doesn't escape the "threequel curse". There are too many weird leaps of logic that are made in the first act in order to get to the meat of the movie.

I don't feel there's really a debate to be had here. Both are summer blockbuster franchises, but where Raimi never attempts to go beyond that, Nolan clearly exhibits a much higher level of craft and artistic ambition with these films than any of his contemporaries.
Honestly i feel this is the only place i ever hear that? To me critical and financial success equals curse broken.

Not to mention the film was very well received among the general audience. For some reason the fanboys (almost exclusively) have pounced on it, while if you talk to the average movie viewer most people thought the movie was enjoyable.

I know IMDB ratings are not the end all be all but i mean an 8.6 for TDKR vs a 6.3 for spider-man 3 says a lot about what the people think.

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