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Default Re: What's your worst fear regarding MOS?

Originally Posted by ElDuderino View Post
He was okay in Immortals, but he didn't have many lines and wasn't asked to do an American accent.

Cold Light of Day didn't make Cavill's performance horrible. Cavill's performance made Cold Light of Day horrible.
I do agree it was a bad performance. I think the director did a terrible job because absolutely nobody gave a good performance.

But the film was bad as a whole. I can't even imagine thinking it was a good movie if someone like Michael Fassbender was in the role, with the director telling him to play it like he was in a constant state of panic (which is what the director told Cavill to do). It's just so OTT, the plot sucked and the dialogue was awful too.

I think back to my father. As a farmer, he had a natural understanding for the Earth. I remember him telling me this world is capable of providing for all its creatures. Even now, with so many more people, there exists enough food for everyone.

"The problem," Pa used to say, "is people. As far back as we go, we've always had problems with sharing. Seems everyone's too busy holding on to what they've got to care how their neighbors are doing."

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