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Default Re: Snipes is out of prison- Time to bring back Blade?

Originally Posted by Project862006 View Post
no one can be blade other than snipes sorry kill those reboot talk

it is like rebooting john McClain lol
No it's not. Blade is a pre-existing character. He existed before Wesley and he should and will exist after Wesley. Characters like John McClaine and Indiana Jones should not be rebooted because they were created and defined alongside the actors playing them, but Blade is a comic book character. It is more like rebooting Batman after Keaton or Spider-Man after Maguire. It doesn't matter how good a job they did playing those characters, because the characters have existed outside of those respective actors so there's always someone else that can play them. That said, in my opinion, Christian Bale and Andrew Garfield were both the best at playing Bats and Spidey, and it'd be difficult to find someone who can live up to Snipes let alone pass him. The best you can do is accept that whoever is cast as Blade won't be as well received, so instead focus on improving the world around him.

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