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Default Re: What's your worst fear regarding MOS?

Originally Posted by Greeneyes View Post
Bored out of your mind unless it's action scenes?
Yes. I'm not very interested in any superhero's childhood, nor is it likely I'll be impressed with Clark's wanderings and odd jobs. BB bored me nearly to death until Bruce finally put on the damn costume.

However, any time Clark saves someone, before or after he becomes Superman, I'll assuredly be entertained.

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
Is this really a big problem? No. Not everything has to be in a shared universe in order to be good. However, I would've preferred to see a shared universe anytime soon because I think it would've been better to have a JL movie featuring versions of the characters that you got the chance to see grow and develop throughout their solo films as opposed to different versions of each character. It looks like now we won't get the chance to see a JL movie done like that till the next decade.
I wouldn't worry about that for now. MOS or Cavill's performance could be so terrible that you won't even want a DC universe to be built on them.

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