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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Originally Posted by OutRiddled View Post

You know what I'm talking about, c'mon..
That is exactly what I'm talking about. Joker's been wanting to keep Batman around for fun since the 70's. See the infamous 'The Laughing Fish' story for example.

Or I can show you come scans if you want. I always have the proof to back these things up.

I don't always trust wikipedia so I looked it up and you're right.. But it's not that much of a retcon since it is still an accident that creates Freeze, just the circumstances are different.
What you mean like the Waynes are shot down in an alley by a gun man, only this guy turns out to be the Joker years later? You mean different circumstances like that?

One comic book panel isn't going to make much of a difference, for a character named MR ZERO (so the character had already been changed by that point). And was also a completely dead character who was only revived because of the Animated Series.
Don't try and split hairs. His origin in the comics was established. Dini found his character and origin really lacking in depth and dimension so he rewrote it. Fans loved it. DC loved it. They put it in the comics.

Joe Chill first showed up in '39, and had several appearances after that. Most recently (before '89) in post-Crisis 1987 storyline Batman: Year Two - so a little harder to retcon than Mr Freeze at that point.
It's not harder at all. Why would it be? The length of time it was around has no bearing. A retcon is a retcon. You're changing something in established continuity.

Adding something is different to changing something.
That is a change. Joker having a love interest he met in Arkham. Harley appeared out of the blue as Joker's girl in the middle of the big 'No Man's Land' storyline. In the year after it ended, they wrote a back story for her on how she first met him.

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