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Default Re: Official WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN Discussion Thread

I hate Sprite, Shark Girl and Eye Boy. No offense but this is what they always do with the Kids with the exception of Indi has become the new Pixie they created new kids then discard them and create others. The school is full of characters who should be allowed to shine as well as new mutants. Should we not be dealing with the lights storyline post AVX. Are they still loyal to Hope in that weird way or with the Phoenix power distributed around the world are they free? I think the book was fun now it is going through a slump of sorts that all the books tend to go through.

I just wish each book would kind of stay in line with each other for example all New mention Cap being away yet he still is running about in Uncanny Avengers. I know we don't read all the same books but a wee bit of streamlining like this would go amiss. Sorry got of point a bit lol

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