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Default Similarities between old movies and new movies (Spoiler warning for all movies)

I don't know if this has been posted about before so this thread may need to be merged. I noticed a the Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises had a few throwbacks to the older movies. Specifically:

-Batman and Selina Kyle had a fight on the roof in Batman Returns and Dark Knight Rises, although the Rises fight had them fighting together.
-Both Batman and Robin and Dark Knight Rises had a fight with Bane on a catwalk. The catwalk in Batman and Robin was in the basement of an ice cream shop I believe, when Poison Ivy pulled the plug keeping Mrs. Freeze alive. Both scenes involved Batman or Robin getting tossed off of that railing.
-The Dark Knight and the original Batman both culminated in Batman climbing a building to get to the Joker, and the possibility of either Batman or Joker falling off of the building.

It's cool how they took elements from the older movies and put them in the new ones with the same characters.

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