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Default I didn't really like Batman Begins

Yes it was a Batman movie so I liked it, but for a Batman movie it was disappointing and my least favorite out of the seven. It didn't really feel like a Batman movie. There were not a lot of action sequences or fights in it, and the final fight with Raz al Ghul was far too quick. The film did not have any real villains in it to make it interesting. Raz was extremely boring and monotone, and we did not see much of the Scarecrow. Batman proved himself to be a killer by letting Raz Al Ghul die. Choosing to not save someone who is about to die has the same result as you killing them. Batman never really seemed to have any challenges that you knew would be difficult to overcome, and the film was not depressing enough. The only sad part about it was that Wayne Manor got burned down. So much of the film was put towards showing how Bruce Wayne became Batman that the film did not have enough time to give him a real villain and a real challenge. Sorry folks but I would take Batman and Robin over this film any day.

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