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Default Re: Rank Misc. Comic Films

1. The Rocketeer 8.5/10
2. The Mask 7/10
3. Sin City 7/10
4. MIB 7/10
5. The Shadow 6/10

That's about it for the ones I'd say are on the whole more good than bad. The rest are all 5.5/10's and lower which as far as I'm concerned are more or less bad movies. And of course there's many I just have never seen and probably never will because they have nothing to draw me in.

The Lego Movie 8/10/Noah 7/10/Captain America: The Winter Soldier 9/10/The Amazing Spider-Man 2 5.5/10/Godzilla 6/10/X-Men: Days of Future Past 7.5/10/Edge of Tomorrow 8.5/10
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