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Default Re: Fantastic Four reborn! - Part 6

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Cumberbatch would do as Doom, though personally I don't find him menacing at all. The STD trailers where he's supposed to be this super-scary villain didn't impress me at all. Doctor Doom is going to get his face scarred and hide it under the infamous mask fairly quickly, so the audience won't see BC's face for long anyway. And it might surprise you to know that some people think he's quite the looker -- I know, that shocked me, too.
I understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however, Victor Von Doom is the type of guy that has undisputed good looks. That is not what Cumberbatch has. And yeah he does get scarred, but I'd personally prefer him to be handsome before the incident.

Originally Posted by terry78 View Post
There are massive amounts of females that get wet for this dude. As a straight man I personally don't see it, but I guess it's the personality and talent that they dig.
It doesn't take a gay man to see if a man is good looking or not. I'm straight as well, and I can see that Cumberbatch is just not traditionally handsome like Victor is.

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