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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Most of them all took the plunge into the vat of chemicals though. Well, until recently. I'm also pretty sure the Killing Joke origin of him with his pregnant wife is true with the flashback. Other people in the story like Batman and Gordon don't know that though of course, only the Joker. Hence his great "multiple choice" line to Batman. I do think he was originally that comedian that was forced into the heist who lost his wife and child and had his skin bleached in a vat of chemicals.

Everything changes with the times though. Hell, Joker doesn't even have his face attached naturally any more!

And also, not every version of the Joker wants to keep Batman alive. Even the ones that do change it up and change their mind. Hell, look at the great Animated Series Joker? Nothing would please him more than giving Batman a cyanide/acid pie to the face. There are plenty of Jokers that want to kill him one day, then keep him alive the next. Part of that is so that they can continue to have an infinite amount of stories for the comics. It wouldn't surprise me if the TDK Joker just woke up one day and said, "ya know what, I wanna kill Batman". Hell, he wanted to as much before the interrogation. He's supposed to be unpredictable after all, a wild card. Nothing he does or says should make sense really, only to him.

It just depends on who's writing him. That actually applies to all this stuff. No body here is really wrong.

I think the only Joker that doesn't really do anything for me is the barefoot, "The Batman" Joker with the dreadlocks. Weird stuff.

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