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Default Re: The Batmobile Thread

Originally Posted by Darkmania View Post
It would be nice to have a story where the Batmobile evolves. Maybe in a reboot it starts out just as suped up sports car and in future movies it move into more of a tank mode.

I loved the tumbler, however am ready for a flashy sports car type model (at least to start with).
A 4.5 million lambo as the bat mobile, crazy idea - how many are in production - who bought one... oh a Mr Bruce Wayne - there's ya bats!

I think, in a 'realistic' world, if that's the route it will go down, there is no reason at all Bruce cannot own a lambo, or car like that. But for Bats to use it, no good. If Batman gets compromised, he has to leave the car - anyone sees that, or traces it back.

It could be convenient if bruce leaves the car somewhere, for batman to use at a later stage, prehaps a chase of some sort. Batman can flee and guess what, with alfred reporting it stolen, the only prints they will find are bruce's.

Sadly, i don't think a batmobile works - i think he should have a series of custom bikes - far easier to work his way through a city, evade police and can be desposed of.

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