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Default Re: Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy vs Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
I'll reiterate when you have the trifecta of financial, critical, general audience approval i don't see how you can lump it in with the other "cursed" comic threequels" ?
By that arguement then Spider-man 3 already broke that curse long before TDKR came around. It's fresh on RT and more than half(a majority) of the GA liked it and it was the highest grosser WW of the series.

But I don't accept those terms at all. Whether the curse is broken is completely a subjective thing and each person will see it differently. As far as I am concerned it really doesn't matter if TDKR was a good movie so as to break the curse(though as far as I'm concerned it's not a good movie at all) since I regard TDK as one of the worst CBM's of all time and so a crappy entry negates the possibility of a complete trilogy of good movies. As far as I'm concerned the only good one is BB.

The main point is that no measurable success is real proof that a movie is actually good. That will always be up to the individual. Most like Nolan's trilogy and I accept that. Most of the GA likes Bay's TF trilogy as well.

"Spider-man is the Charlie Brown of the Marvel Universe." ~ Kevin Smith
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