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Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
Kinda surprised theres not already a thread dedicated to this, but with the dossier on each armor this week, its a good time to run through them. Let me know if I'm missing anything as we go. ***SPOILER ALERT*** if you don't want to know anything about the new armors.

There are now 20/42 named suits of armor:

[thanks to James_Smith for all fan made images]

Mark I: Prototype, built with limited resources in unfavorable conditions. Miniaturized arc-reactor allows for defensive weaponry and short burst of unstable flight through repulsion.
Weapons - wrist-mounted flame throwers, rocket propelled grenade

Mark II: Less limitation on resources, more precise measurements allow for better Arc technology with higher energy output. Sustained flight attained and stabilized using boot and gauntlet repulsors. More durable armor plating. Integration of home-computer AI. Supersonic flight speeds.
Weapons - none beyond repulsors in hands, feet and chest RT.

Mark III: Gold-titanium alloy used to prevent icing at high altitudes, maintains power-to-weight ratio of Mark II. Hot rod red added for aesthetic contrast.
Weapons: Anti-tank missile, auto-targeting small caliber rounds, flares, repulsor tech.

Mark IV: After near-destruction of Mark III armor in battle with Iron Monger, Mark IV is created with easier removal functionality. Helmet can be removed entirely.
Weapons - Assumedly similar to Mark III

Mark V: Suitcase Suit. Useful when Stark needs to suit up far from home or other appropriate location. Lighter and less armored, not built for sustained flight.
Weapons - repulsors in hands and chest RT

Mark VI: Advanced tech built after Stark invented a new element to replace Palladium and perfected his Arc reactor technology. Far higher energy output which we can assume allows for faster flight speeds (Mach 3-4) and more advanced weaponry.
Weapons - Sticky grenades, "one-off" beam and several other wrist and shoulder mounted weapons (used to intimidate Loki).

Mark VII: Rapid deployment armor that targets bracelet mounted beacons. Equipped with additional thrusters on the backs of the feet, calves, and legs. Deployed after Mark VI sustains substantial damage while attempting to repair the Helicarrier.
Weapons - Beyond Mark VI weaponry: Auto-targeting rocket barrage, leg mounted missile compartments, additional thrusters allow for freedom of arm movement during flight.

Mark XV (15) - Stealth Suit "Sneaky"
It is virtually invisible to enemy early-warning systems. A chrome colored coating on the armor can darken or lighten to match the environment.

Mark XVI (16) - Black Stealth Suit "Nightclub"
Similar to Sneaky, it doesn’t have all the weapons and is designed for stealth missions.

Mark XVII (17) - Artillery Level RT Suit "Heartbreaker"
Known as Heartbreaker, it has an oversized chest RT, which can fire powerful blasts. The Heartbreaker can fire narrow or wide beams and can also generate a repulsor shield for protection.

Mark XXII (22) - "Hot Rod"

Mark XXV (25) - Heavy Construction Suit "Striker"
It was designed to help with construction. It’s powerful jackhammer-like arms can pulverize concrete. It can withstand high temperatures and electrical surges.

Mark XXXIII (33) - Enhanced Energy Suit "Silver Centurion"
The Silver Centurion has a slight protective force field, which allows the suit to attract or repulse objects using magnetic polarity. The suit is capable of firing pulse cannons that build in intensity the further they travel.

Mark XXXV (35) - Disaster Rescue Suit "Red Snapper"
Known as Red Snapper, this armor was designed to survive in dangerous places. The suit has extendable arms and claws making it ideal for disaster rescue.

Mark XXXVII (37) - Deep Sea Suit "Hammerhead"
Known as Hammerhead, it’s designed to be able to travel to the deepest parts of the ocean. It can withstand extreme pressure, and it has high-power work lights to allow visibility in murky waters.

Mark XXXVIII (38) - Heavy Lifting Suit "Igor"
Known as Igor, this armor actually wasn’t designed for battle. It was created for heavy lifting and carrying heavy objects.

Mark XXXIX (39) - Sub Orbital Suit "Gemini"
Known as Gemini, it is designed for otherworldly journey. It has an integrated, removable booster pack and zero-gravity maneuvering thrusters.

Mark XL (40) - Hyper Velocity Suit "Shotgun"
It’s designed for hypersonic speed. It can travel in excess of Mach 5.

Mark XLI (41) - Skeleton Suit "Bones"
It’s a black and gold lighter version of a full Iron man suit. It’s purpose is speed and maneuverability.

Mark XLII (42) - Extremis Suit?
Made out of separate pieces that can fly to Tony Stark and form a suit around his body. It’s controlled from a state-of-art chip implanted in Tony Stark’s left forearm. Tony Stark can summon the pieces with just his thoughts.


Iron Monger
Whiplash Mark I
Whiplash Mark II
War Machine Mark I
War Machine Mark II
Iron Patriot

We can now put Mark 36 at the list

But I have ever seen Mark 16 "nightclub".

Mark 22 looks like War Machine mark 2

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