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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - - - Part 12

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
General audiences aren't going to care what happens to Mandarin after IM3. All they know is that they get two great actors playing two great villains, Killian and Mandarin, in a great Iron Man movie. If they leave the door open for one or both of those characters to come back in future movies, all well and good; but audiences aren't going to demand that the next installment of IM's story be a continuation of this one.

And fanboys expressing faux nerdrage about the Mandarin getting nerfed or shortchanged in this movie need a comic-book reality check: Mandarin is *not* The Joker. He is *not* Lex Luthor. Nor Green Goblin, or Magneto. Yeah, he's been in a lot of Iron Man books over the past 50 years, but his status as "nemesis" is vastly overrated. He doesn't have a history with Tony that is as intimately tied with Iron Man as Joker is to Batman, or Luthor to Superman, or Gobby to Spidey, or Magneto to the X-Men. Those are eternal clashes. Mandarin is just the most common and most outlandish villain in a long series of ****ty villains in Iron Man's notoriously lame rogues' gallery.
And your choice for Iron Man's nemesis is....?

Face it, man. Mandarin is it. Even Feige has said it. Just because you don't like the character, it doesn't mean that he isn't the biggest bad in IM's rogues gallery. So let's put away the "faux nerdrage" jokes and call it what it is: a missed opportunity for a superhero vs. nemesis showdown (if the spoilers are true, which I'm still not sure of).

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