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Default Re: Anne Hathaway vs Michelle Pfeiffer

Pfeiffer Catwoman didn't climb buildings too well. We see her scrambling and struggling several times. Doesn't Batman even help her before she falls at one point? I can buy that Selina had gymnastics or something when she was younger. Maybe her overbearing mother (the one we heard on the phone) made her take up self defense lessons in a city as bad as Gotham.

There's a lot of insecurity in Selina and she wasn't a violent person before the event. There's a darkness and cleverness there still though, before she's pushed too far (figuratively and literally). Like when she shocks the thug freak, talks back to the answering machine, realizes how helpless she is, etc. Maybe she had this potential but buried it because of all of her insecurities and what's "proper". Look what happened when she spoke up with some suggestions, she was shot down. It took the trauma to open her up a bit.

The only problem I have with the Pfeiffer Catwoman is the bullets she's able to take from Shreck. Yeah, he might be missing a few shots and she does get clipped in the legs and arms. But still, a bullet is a bullet. You can't really eat them without armor unless you're drugged up.

For TDKR Catwoman, I have no problem buying that she can do back flips either. Or even jumping out of a three story building with no problems. I don't think "because she lived in bad times and did what she has to" means she had gymnastics or training though.

Maybe she and the Returns Selina had kick boxing and gymnastics training at Gotham Arts when they were little girls/teenagers? Who the hell knows? It's not important to either story.

They don't need to explain either one of them. Do we really need to see a scene in Batman Returns or The Dark Knight Rises where we get exposition or a flashback where they're learning how to do a couple of flips? That'd be ridiculous.

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