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Default Re: Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy vs Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy

The biggest problem with TDKR is it's done what no other super hero movie has done. It's retired the hero.

This is it's greatest triumph and it's biggest let down.

Comic books are never ending, this is something that spider-man 3 got right, it never felt like a conclusion.

A prime example to giving closure to a situation like this is in "JL: Unlimited" with the heroes letting the villains go etc and them giving them a count down to chase them etc.

In this sense, TDKR disappointed me, but however knowing Bruce's story is complete also relieved me. It didn't want me craving more (post this story, prequels etc something before TDK but after BB or in between TDK/TDKR I crave.)

Now with SM3, You have a very different approach, very formulaic movies, however there is some clear success behind this franchise for this reason.

It's let down is, how much does Peter really grow? He gets better at his powers etc, and at the end of spider-man 1, he realizes he is spiderman, than he realizes he may not want to be spider-man and needs to balance his life, and than I honestly dont know what you could argue the third one is about.

Bruce is all about finding who he is, than in the second, we see that he's matured into this being, this amazing person that the criminals fear etc, is completely on the ball with everything and anything. And than we see how he breaks, and what something like that can do to someone, and bam we find closure.

Spider-man we see him start coming into this, and possibly might have gotten in a third had there be no studio involvement (although I wonder how the studio made him make sandman the killer?).

Overall, I would rate

BB > SM1 (Although a tough one, because I do feel like SM1 was excellent for it's time, I don't feel this will age as well as BB. The reason I feel this way is because, I feel like "the amazing spiderman", tried differentiating itself, but because the way it is done this story, although 100% i agree its nice it totally relates to the comics, that when two movies are done the exact same way, the older is obviously more out dated, and I don't think you can do that for batman, or you have many more options with batman perhaps is the better statement.)

TDK = SM2 (I liked TDK better only because I like batman as a hero better, however I can't argue the fact it's a good spiderman story, and fits well with his character development, I feel like I shouldn't lower my viewing just because I don't like the character as much, without giving the actuality of the movie a fair shot.)


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