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Default Re: 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction

You act like that doesn't count for anything. Cap outgrossed First Class, period.

Furthermore, with the exposure from Avengers, Cap is guaranteed to get a boost overseas anyway. 4 weeks is a long time in movie grossing terms, so TASM2 is not a problem.

You're right, X-Men is a well known property and still has yet to make more than $460m...and the two movies they've released in the past 4 years have only grazed $360m. Not only is Guardians an unknown quantity, and therefore doesn't have all the historic bagage X-Men does, it has the Avengers/MCU branding and Disney marketing behind it...think of it as Pixar releasing a new film. On top of that, there are no big releases other than itself in its month and studios are moving their film release dates to avoid going up against it. I'd say there's an extremely good chance it outgrosses DOFP.

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