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Default Re: 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
I see some fans are treating this movie as a normal x-men sequel, and the fact is in fact It Isnt.

Its an event movie, combining actors from both series, including the return of original actors after all these years. That will have an impact, even if some fans dont think so. Not to mention the long awaited Sentinels and 3D.

So this two casts thing will easily get many people's attention, and its one of the stronger marketing points of this movie.

And if the action on the trailers and spots, including Sentinels sequences, look really huge and expensive, Im sure many big robots fans and general lovers will really want to see this movie too.

So all these factors together will lead to a surprise to many fans and haters alike.

The jump between Batman begins and the sequel, and Cap/Thor/Hulk movies and Avengers was huge, so something similar will happen this time. Not saying this sequel will get 1 billion, none of us know that yet, but there will be a big jump.

Again, this isnt just another x-men movie, its something much bigger than that.
There's no doubt the FOX wants this to be their Avengers, and reverse the decline in the box office returns of X-Men films since XM:TLS. But I'm not sure the general audience is eagerly looking forward to the return of the original cast after eight years. And I am positive that only fans of the comics are looking forward to seeing Sentinels onscreen.

Let's see what happens with The Wolverine. If Jackman's 2nd solo outing can reverse the downward trend and injest some life back into the on- screen X-Men, DOFP may have the highest box office returns of the series. But there is no reason to suspect that the film will do much better than that.

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