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Default Re: The Next Batman Director

Originally Posted by weezerspider View Post
Rian Johnson is probably the best realistic choice. He's shown a lot of promise, isn't a huge name that would cost a lot of money or demand a lot of control. He's directed three fairly well received films and his most recent film, Looper, got very strong reviews. He's shown, again with Looper, he can do something that has a similar tone (dark, but fantastical/sci-fi) with what most people want in a good Batman film. Actually, he hit on some of the detective noir Batman stuff with Brick....actually, yeah...****in sign Rian Johnson.
problem is, one side of fans will get pissed if he doesn't do a Nolan spinoff with JGL, and another side of fans will get pissed if he DOES do exactly that, so no matter how good it is, joseph Gordon levitt's appearance or lack thereof based on their history together would still upset fans, cause you can never please them and everybody's a ****ing critic.

that being said... yea, i'm down for him.

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