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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II - Part 1

True. It's hardly a concern (in reply to Flickchick, I meant).


Originally Posted by JB-the-Hunter View Post

I said they could be believably related. I never said they look "virtually alike." Before she was mentioned at all I actually wanted Imogen Poots to play Sharon even though she looks nothing like Hayley, but when Van Camp got the role I instantly noticed a resemblance.
No, but that's the impression you give with saying they look more alike than you do with your own relatives and seemingly scoffing at Mr. Dent saying he saw no resemblance. I'm just saying I'd like hear your thinking on how they look alike since some of us are struggling to find any resemblance.

Lady Luck is smiling at me. She knows something I don't.

Avi Arad was to Spider-man what Jon Peters was like to Superman. Which makes Venom his giant effin' spider.

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