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Default Re: 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
This and Avengers are in two completely different situations. The hype behind Avengers was built around the fact that these individual movies, which were all released within 3 years of each other, were all consciously working towards this one film, which was perpetually talked and speculated about for 4 years straight. On top of that, Iron Man, and to a lesser extent Thor, were both very well received and ended up grossing much more than anyone was expecting, and they incited an excitement in people that X-Men films haven't produced since X-2.

DOFP is in a completely opposite situation from what I described above. It's not anymore an event movie than First Class was right now. Maybe as we get closer to the release we'll see more evidence to support this "event" status you've slapped onto it, but right now it does not hold up.
I get your point with the difference with Avengers build up. but that bold quote is totally wrong.

To say DOFP is not an event movie compared to FC, seriously? lol

The hype around this sequel is much bigger than FC. you may not be as excited, maybe, but go to twitter and you'll see many users getting excited with this "impressive" cast.

And not only fans, movie sites and the press is hyped with this sequel already. James, Michael, Nich and Jennifer are more known now than before FC, and by now most fans and haters have seen FC, so they are familiar with those four actors. On other hand, many fans and no hard x-men fans are excited to see Hugh, Anna, Ian, Patrick, Halle, Ellen and co back. And then Peter K., from the successfull Game of thrones, well known worldwide, and I guess France is very well aware of Omar being in this sequel too, so the hype is increasing day after day. None can deny that

And once Singer and part of the cast appears on Comic Con and they show the very first footage and images, the hype will increase pretty nicely.

This is and will be an Event movie, in the fans eyes and the public eyes. Fox will make sure to promote the hell out of this movie time, to make sure the whole world knows this will be something special.

The marketing this time will be much heavier and better than FC and The Wolverine included. Starting with Comic Con.

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