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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II - Part 1

Originally Posted by J'adore View Post
A few pointers:

1) Is Wasp even in this movie?

2) I'm actually fine with Emily VanCamp being Sharon. We could have gotten worse casting...(Imogen Poots? That Downton Abbey girl? WTF). After watching GoT I think Natalie Dormer would have been a great Sharon though.

4) I think they should keep Sharon in the SHIELD outfits. None of that white catsuit shoulder-window crap.

5) Regards to hair, I think all the women (should and do) have it up or kept short. The only reason Natasha didn't in IM2 was because...well, she's Natasha.

6) MARVEL is obviously putting down Emily's role as 'Agent 13', so we all get surprised when it is revealed at the end of the movie she is Peggy's granddaughter..../eyeroll
1) Nah

2) Natalie Dormer was already in the first Cap movie. Also Poots FTW

4) What happened to 3? But anyway, she can still be in a white SHIELD outfit, not that I think she will.

5) Uh huh

6) I don't they're not going to wait until the end of the movie to reveal it.

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