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Default Re: 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
You can't compare the two. They can afford to feature them in the next film because unlike Wolverine, Captain America is a proven, bankable solo franchise. He didn't need "The Cameo Crutch" to take a stand on his own like XOW did. Neither did Thor or Iron Man in their debuts. Besides, it's unlikely that Black Widow and Nick Fury will get solo films, but they are part of Cap's world now so it's totally sensible that they make appearances post-Avengers. But Cap doesn't need them. His next film will sell like gangbusters just off the star power of Chris Evans and his amazing, twitching Gluteous Maximus. Wolverine needs all of these other poeple.
And as if majority of the casual viewers went to see Origins, just to see Deadpool and Gambit. You are wrong if thats what you want to say. Wolverine doesn't need Deadpool and Gambit to sell a movie. Wolverine is already a proven, bankable solo franchise when it got more than $80 million in its opening weekend. I know you're tired of Wolverine but it doesn't mean the casual viewers are tired of him too. The trailer of The Wolverine got a lot of buzz in the internet and so far the trailer has received more than 14 million views on YouTube.

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