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Default Re: Anne Hathaway vs Michelle Pfeiffer

Originally Posted by Brain Damage View Post
Her arc is that she starts out only looking out for herself and ends up risking her life to save an entire city.
Exactly. The moment she is given the batpod she has a choice to make.

The only thing that hints to any form of physicality prior to BR Selina’s fall is “guess I should've let him win that last racquetball game.” I’m not convinced she had these back-flipping skills, wall-climbing skills already and simply held them back. But hey, I guess in the movie it’s all about presenting two stark personas, before and after. She was underpowered and now she isn't.

BR’s Selina was a genuine damsel in distress and became the opposite with skills somehow mastered overnight.
TDKR’s Selina pretended to be a damsel in distress and was a street smart thief from a young age.

Different aims and all that jazz, but with Hathaway’s Selina we definitely have enough information and timeframe on fighting skill development.

Personally, I prefer the walk the fine line, mood feigning "I'm adaptable" angle over the more concrete persona change. Because of this I think Hathaway’s Selina has a better chance of deceiving opponents, and even seducing them ala the old guy at the masquerade ball. To me that’s an important facet. In BR Bruce invites Selina back to Wayne Manor when they meet at the plaza, but it’s apparent she’s not all there and can't easily snap out of it. That appealed to Bruce, but it wouldn’t appeal to everyone. Just my two cents.

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