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Default Re: 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction

14million YouTube views for the trailer of The Wolverine. What??!! Thats crazy! I can totally feel the hype and excitement for the next Wolverine movie!

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
And another thing regarding Cap's film is that it was probably the single most competition-slammed release for any Marvel movie ever. It folowed a film that the week before had recieved the biggest opening weekend of all time(at the time) and was followed the week after by another decently sizable release and both of these films were going after the exact same audience so there's no counter-programming argument that could apply here. I wonder how well Origins or XMFC would have fared in such a squeezed position. I suspect they would not have held up as well as Cap did.
It doesn't matter if Captain America had a lot of competition with other comic-book movies or just blockbuster movies. X-Men had that before so as the other big franchises out there like The Dark Knight and Spider-Man. So its not really an excuse or a reason why the film didn't make more money. At least with Origins, it had a great opening weekend. It was just the bad word-of-mouth that the movie didn't have strong legs at the box-office. What if Captain America ended up as a bad movie? I doubt it wouldn't even outgross the 1st X-Men movie.

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